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Chocolate FAQ

We're keeping this section short and sweet, so do email us at if you don't find an answer to your question!

How fast is shipping?

All orders enjoy next-day delivery [only in Singapore].

All orders S$55 and more enjoy FREE shipping [only in Singapore].

We ship worldwide, so do email if you'd like something!

How does your Omakase Chocolate Library work?

Our Omakase Chocolate Library is a collection of four secret craft chocolates from the world's best makers.

We follow the Japanese omakase principle where diners enjoy a mystery meal planned by the chef. Likewise, we carefully choose each chocolate to give you a delicious surprise.

These chocolates are presented in a beautifully designed gift box with two exclusive gifts, making them the perfect gift to treat yourself or a friend.

Read more about our full-sized or petite-sized libraries now.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you at Let's talk chocolate!

*Apologies, but there's been a meltdown with our Facebook page. We're working on it but in the meantime, our Instagram page is alive and healthy!

How often do you introduce new chocolates?

For our omakase chocolate library:

Our library follows the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Every three months, our library follows the seasons to bring you new and exciting chocolates.

Summer chocolates will be sunny, bright, and burst with life. Winter's chocolates will be beautiful, mellow, and remind you of firelight and cosy Christmas feasts.

We are now celebrating spring.

What to expect: Spring's chocolates are crafted with only cacao and sugar, but you'll be amazed at how fresh and fruity they taste!

For our chocolate product page:

We hope to refresh this list with a few astounding new bars at least once every quarter.

Exciting news: We'll be expanding our existing chocolate range next month in December!

When will chocolate tastings start?

Our Chief Oompa Loompa recently attended a two-month Mastering Chocolate Flavor course with the world-renowned Ecole Chocolat school in Canada, and is still refining the art of tasting chocolate mindfully with the other Oompa Loompas before opening the gates to chocolate heaven.
Translation: We'll be organising our first tasting workshops soon, in early 2019!
Update: Our first tasting workshop on January 25, 2019, is now full and closed for RSVPs! We will plan a second one soon, so do join our Meetup page for updates!
Caption: Completely unnecessary picture of Chief Oompa Loompa's Certificate of Achievement, but here it is!
There are three ways to find out when we start:
1. Join our Chocolatey Cheer Meetup group in Singapore
2. Follow us @craftthecacao on Instagram or Facebook*
3. Jump on our mailing list!
*Sorry guys, our Facebook's down at the moment. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes preparing for rebirth and all that jazz, we'll be up and running soon[ish]!

Why haven't I seen your chocolates before in Singapore?

Singapore's craft chocolate scene is still young and we're happy to bring you the world's best chocolates from makers, many of which are not available islandwide. Many of our carefully chosen chocolates have garnered well-deserved awards from globally respected chocolate establishments Academy of Chocolate and International Chocolate Awards.

Do you do wedding and event favours?

Our miniature chocolate libraries are perfect for weddings and events. We can work together according to your budget and customise a beautiful, satisfyingly delicious library.
For lighter events, we also have exclusively illustrated gift wrapping paper and can personalise any messages you want to tell your guests.