Chocolate helps communities – Craft the Cacao

Chocolate helps communities

We're proud to be part of the worldwide craft chocolate community, not only because such chocolate is so wonderfully delicious, but because the craft chocolate world is making a positive difference in the lives of farming communities across the globe.

At Craft the Cacao, we introduce you to passionate chocolate artisans who truly care about bringing you the most delicious chocolate possible. This starts with finding the best beans. After all, when your chocolate's main—even sole—ingredient is the cacao bean, you need to work with the very best you can find.

Craft chocolate makers are dedicated to working with the very best beans. They typically pay higher prices for such beans, infusing the cacao economy with life to sustain the farmers who grow them, their families, and eventually, their communities.

It's a chain of deliciousness that keeps on giving generously.

Organisations such as Uncommon Cacao based in North America and working with South American and African farmers, and Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, showcasing Tanzanian-origin cacao, are dedicated to improving the way farmers grow, harvest, and ferment their cacao. They pay their farming partners better prices through a transparent supply chain that eventually improves farming communities physically, financially, and emotionally too.

There are other worldwide organisations rising up and we hope to speak with and write about them in time.

Through chocolate made from the bean, or bean-to-bar chocolate, communities are able to make a better wage and live better lives. The craft chocolate community as a whole has helped cacao farmers improve their fermentation practices...and chocolate flavour is greatly influenced by how well the cacao beans have been fermented after harvest.

Enough said. Craft chocolate, artisanal chocolate, fine chocolate, or however you call it, not only helps communities live happier, but feeds us happier too. Talk about having your [chocolate] cake and eating it!