Chocolate flavours – Craft the Cacao

Chocolate flavours

You'd be amazed at how uniquely delicious good chocolate is. The flavours are incredible, running a delicious trail from raw honey to sweet wine to coconut to juicy berries to ripe peaches and nectarines to rich nuts to fresh fruits and much more.

Many people think only milk chocolate is sweet and dark chocolate is always bitter. This is not true when it comes to real chocolate made with nothing more than cacao beans and sugar.

In fact, one of the first things our friends, family, and customers say at first taste is, "I can't believe there's no bitterness in this!"

The real taste of chocolate

These are some of the flavours you'll taste in chocolate made with only cacao beans and zero additives or preservatives.

This is how real chocolate made with zero additives and preservatives can taste: sheer magic of pure flavour from naturally fermented cacao beans. Not only is real chocolate infinitely more delicious, it's infinitely more healthy as well [other fermented foods include kimchi and kombucha].

Cacao beans have hundreds of flavours locked within them. Chocolate has thrice as many flavour compounds as wine!

Why is cacao so flavourful?

Cacao is an astonishing plant. Its flavour is heavily influenced by its terroir [its environment, including rainfall, soil type, and neighbouring plants], how its beans are fermented, and how its beans are turned into chocolate. This is why you'll see the chocolate bar's origin proudly showcased on its label, telling you where that bar's cacao beans were grown.

This gives every chocolate bar a scrumptious tale to tell. If you haven't tried real chocolate yet, you will be amazed at how flavourful and luscious our chocolates are.

Every chocolate we recommend you is one of the world's best, and you'll love tasting the story in each bar.

Savour the world's yummiest award-winning chocolate today.