Chocolate Tree's Whisky Nibs – Craft the Cacao
Chocolate Tree's Whisky Nibs

Chocolate Tree's Whisky Nibs

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We've hankered after adding this bar to our shop for a long time, so we are so happy to bring it to you! You'll be amazed at the flavours in this fantastic bar, so rich and luscious and vibrant. The cacao nibs [these are broken cacao beans] are soaked in Islay whisky, which, if you know whisky, has a wonderful depth and peaty flavour that is just incredibly smoky.

There are two sealed bars in this box, which was a great move on the maker's part because once you open one bar, nobody's leaving till the battle's over. The battle between your mind and mouth, one screaming at you to stop eating and the other caving into gluttony anyway.

Bar weight: 80 grammes

Ingredients: Cacao beans, sugar, cacao nibs, and whisky

This bar has zero:

      • Soy
      • Gluten
      • Dairy
      • Alcohol
      • Artificial additives
      • Preservatives