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Conexión's 100% Cacao Arriba

Conexión's 100% Cacao Arriba

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Warning: 100% cacao beans with NO sugar

This bar is rare, unusual, and completely stunning. It deserves its Academy of Chocolate Bronze award, but we must say it is not for new chocolate explorers.

The 100% virgin organic cacao arriba by Ecuadorian maker Conexión has an intensely balsamic and floral aroma. It hits you hard when you first put it on your tongue, then slowly defuses into an easy spread of bright and flowery notes, bringing to mind quality balsamic vinegar and staying on your palate in a long finish.

This is a medium-sized bar that packs a real punch. You should share it, unless you are the demigod or goddess of the cacao realm.

Bar weight: 50 grammes

Ingredients: Cacao beans

This bar has zero:

      • Sugar
      • Soy
      • Gluten
      • Dairy
      • Alcohol
      • Artificial additives
      • Preservatives