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Sirene's Tingo Maria

Sirene's Tingo Maria

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This bar was made with cacao beans grown in the legendary Ucayali River region of Peru. It has three golds from the International Chocolate Awards and a silver from the Academy of Chocolate, so we knew we just had to taste it. After devouring one whole bar at a go, we fully understood why. Words fail us with the Tingo Maria, but all we'll say is that if you like smooth wine, juicy berries, and silky honey, this bar was crafted just for you. This 72% bean-to-bar chocolate carries zero bitter in its bite, making it perfect for people fresh to craft chocolate.

This is a medium-sized bar, perfect for cosy sharing.*

Bar weight: 50 grammes

Ingredients: Cacao beans and sugar

This bar has zero:

      • Soy
      • Gluten
      • Dairy
      • Alcohol
      • Artificial additives
      • Preservatives


*Disclaimer: You may not be willing to share the Tingo Maria.